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About Me

I tell to awaken imaginations with story and music. I infuse world folk tales, myths and original stories with rhythm, movement, creative dramatics and song. Using voice, guitar, harp and percussion, I invite audience participation and inspire a love for these timeless stories. In school assemblies and residencies students hear age appropriate multicultural stories. Listeners strengthen their own storytelling and writing abilities, learning to use descriptive language and other oral presentation skills. They internalize narrative structures and learn to take creative risks in a supportive community.

I have led hundreds of residencies and workshops, for both children and adults. I offer a wide variety of programs connecting storytelling to literacy standards, including:

  • Learning to Tell Stories

  • "Listening to the World" (school wide storytelling festival)

  • Storytelling; writing and telling

  • Intergenerational Storytelling (collecting, crafting and performing stories with students and elders)

In addition I have also done extensive work creating lullabies and I offer workshops to parents, family centers, libraries and hospitals.

  • Creating a lullaby Tradition

  • Creating a Meaningful Bedtime (with storyteller Eshu Bumpus and musician Frank Schwartz)

  • I have led a 4-day retreat for women storytellers each summer.

  • Storytelling workshops for teachers, parents, therapists and clergy are also available.

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